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We provide uncomplicated, highly specialized and cost-efficient advice on filing your trademark application.

All-round advise, from trademark research and preparation of the application to representation in contentious proceedings before the trademark offices or courts.

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We register trademarks for you in Germany, the EU and worldwide.

Trademarks help your product, whether it is a good or a service, to stand out from the mass of similar products. The brand has the function to identify your product in such a way that it makes the origin from your company recognizable. Build your brand purposefully!

Brand protection as an important building block to make your product successful

Trademark protection allows you to prohibit anyone else from using your trademark or a confusingly similar sign for the same and/or confusingly similar products for which you have registered that trademark. Trademark protection, therefore, ensures that third parties do not profit from the investment you have made in building your brand.

Don’t waste time and secure the priority of your trademark

A key factor in new ideas is time. The faster you secure your market position, the better your strategic position in the market can become. The priority of your brand, i.e. the day you filed a trademark application with a trademark office, is a milestone for your market position. Once you have applied for your trademark (and it is later registered in the trademark register), you can take action against the subsequent use or application of the identical trademark or a confusingly similar trademark.

The right trademark strategy

Let us advise you on your trademark strategy. Often, especially young companies plan to launch their goods internationally. In our experience, however, it often does not make sense to immediately apply for a trademark throughout Europe or internationally. The registration strategy must also be carefully considered in view of the costs involved and the potential for conflict in third countries. We advise you on the right approach.

How does a trademark application at TWAINSCORE work?

You bring the idea – We advise you comprehensively.

  • You explain to us which sign you want to register as a trademark and which goods and services you want to register under the trademark.
  • We advise you on the protectability of your trademark and create a list of goods and services for the application. In particular, we take care to avoid possible obstacles to protection in the case of potentially unprotectable trademarks.
  • Optional service: Once the scope of the trademark application, consisting of the sign and the list of goods and services, has been determined, we can conduct an optional trademark search for you. For this purpose, we cooperate with specialized service providers whose search results we evaluate legally for you and discuss any risks with you.
  • Finally, we register your trademark in Germany, Europe or, by extension, internationally.

What happens after filing a trademark application

  1. In the best case, the trademark office registers your trademark.
  2. It is also conceivable that the Trademark Office will object to your trademark due to an obstacle to protection. We can take action against this objection in the form of a statement. If the Trademark Office does not follow our arguments, we will file an appeal on your behalf, for example to the Federal Patent Court. We draw on our experience from numerous proceedings before the trademark offices. We fight for your rights!
  3. If there are older trademarks that can be confused, third parties could file a so-called opposition against your trademark in order to have it cancelled. We defend your trademark rights against attacks of third parties, if necessary through all instances.

What does a trademark application cost

We provide highly specialized advice and earn our money with individual consultation. Nevertheless, filing a trademark application does not necessarily have to involve high costs. We charge reasonable flat fees for the preparation of a trademark application. On the one hand, the costs depend on whether you want a German, European or international trademark application. Furthermore, the costs depend on the number of so-called classes of goods and services for which we are to register your trademark. We will inform you transparently about the costs for the elaboration of your trademark in advance.


Calculation example:

Application for a German trademark in three classes of goods/services: EUR 259,- (net, plus office fees)


If you would like us to conduct a trademark search, if you need further advice, or if you would like us to represent you in proceedings before the trademark offices (e.g. objection, opposition), we will conclude a fee agreement with you and inform you transparently about each step and the associated costs.



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Dr. Martin Wintermeier

Lawyer and Certified Specialist for IP Law